Bali life slows down

After a week in Ubud, I feel like my experience here is changing. The pace of my day is slower and quieter. It’s so hot that I’ve even learned to walk slower — an amazing feat for me. And unlike the first week, when my novel characters were chattering non-stop, I feel like the writing process is different — I seem to be absorbing Bali instead of poking at it from every direction.

I start each day with a yoga class — there’s a terrific studio right in town. And then I walk, take photos, wander, explore. I find some fabulous place for lunch (which will cost anywhere from $3 to $10, beer included) and then head back to the hotel to take notes. In the evening I usually meet someone for dinner and an interview. The people I’ve met have been very generous with their time and information — it’s so interesting to learn Bali this way.

Did I mention the $6 massages?

I can’t get my photos to upload — will try again tomorrow.

Yesterday I hired a driver and went out into the countryside, watched a couple of ceremony preparations, visited a typical house and school, and gazed at the rice paddies and spectacular tropical vistas. I love this country.

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