I’ve moved to the mountains! When Neal and I first visited Bali five years ago, we spent the entire time in Ubud and loved it. We had skipped a stay at the southern beaches because we were here right after the second bombing (2005) — in fact, it was on that vacation that I got the idea for the novel I’m now writing. (Both bombings took place in the beach area.) So I’m back in Ubud, and so happy to be here. I didn’t like the crowds of Seminyak — this suits me much more. I’m staying at a small inn (huge beautiful room for $50 a night), walking distance to town. The town has grown so much in five years — I think the Eat, Pray, Love women have been on a pilgrimage here! (The Balinese always ask what I do — when I say I’m a writer, they then ask: did you write Eat, Pray, Love?) Ubud is busier now but still retains its charm. I’ll be here for two weeks, because the majority of my novel takes place in Ubud.

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